Radeon review

xlr8yourmac.com has posted their first full-size review of the ATI RADEON AGP Retail card for Mac, generally giving it very good feedback. One thing is for sure: This card is truly fast and ATI has to keep updating the drivers yet. This card should definitely beat the Voodoo5 PCI (!) everywhere.

Rebate in UK too?

the register notes that UK Mac users are anxiously awaiting Apple to also offer the discount on the Cube if paired with an Apple screen. The rebate and the toppest model Cube are still not available in the UK and I think that goes for the rest of Europe as well. Time to act Apple, or you'll be the next company to blame the european market for its lost profits.

More Radeon

MacWEEK notes that the Retail Radeon has actually begun shipping today and offers a short review of the card. However I have to say clearly, that their stats can still be improved a lot. (tables, dudes) Their scores can be improved too:)
MacCentral also has a short review, already being a bit more detailed. With some nice pictures of the controls.

Intel "reconsidering" SOI

TomsHardware notes that Intel has reconsidered their earlier decision not to adopt SOI, after the noticed everyone else, including AMD in its future SledgeHammer 64bit chips, is using it. Intel probably needs SOI to get its mobile P3 (and sequels) cool and economic enough to run (for more than 5 minutes). Not very credible of a company to "reconsider" every second product they produce or get offered. For us it's a good thing, as IBM will most certainly get dome bucks for the license. Of course it may also aggreviate the gap between PC and Mac CPUs. (to say it sloppy)