xlr8yourmac has some news on upcoming CPU upgrade cards sporting the 7410 and 750CX processors (G4 and G3). The first batch seems to be a 7410 with 1MB L2 and a 750CX with 256k L2 on-die. Both chips only clock at 500MHz though. But the 750CX might be a bit cheaper with the integrated L2 cache, instead of the 1MB backside cache. The note was forwared by a Japanese, and it looks like it is either a Babelfish translation or something else (I don't want to criticize anyone for his or her English), but you'll get the idea. Another note is some feedback on a new speedy CD-RW from Sony along with some other stuff.

Intel admits

Shugashack has a small snippet out of an article where an Intel official admitted that their trust in Rambus was a mistake (and between the lines, that Rambus's attitude sucks). Intel is again looking more and more at DDR-SDRAM...
This again raises Intel's credibility, after I ranted about that earlier.

Apple centralizing

the register notes that Apple has again moved more towards a central management over Europe by creating a pan-European sales and education management. Of course the vultures see this as another move towards an Apple-owned retail chain.


the register now also has the detailed financial results from Apple for Q4. Not bad at all and a clear confirmation that the hype at NasDaq was hysteria.
MacWEEK also has the info, of course.


MacCentral notes that big Steve finally woke from his one-year sleep and publicly criticized Motorola for their failure to deliver G4s above 500MHz in time. While his words are more than polite, it looks like he, and hopefully the rest of Apple with him, finally grasped what their biggest problem is at the moment, aside from Mac OS X. Read this and pray that the'll stop the 50MHz steps and go for a 250MHz step or more.