Graphics merger soon?

xlr8yourmac notes that some rumors floating around at Yahoo and the register indicate that nVidia might soon be buying 3dfx. Of course nVidia is interested in 3dfx's technology (as well as owning all their patents, so they don't lose any suits anymore) and on the other hand 3dfx is currently a bit troubled financially and has been for the last years, although their sales were ok, according to their own reports. So what wouldn't make more sense than getting rid of your worst enemy and your financial problems in one blow? the register has more.
Another note compares the cost between upgrading a 7200 with a CPU upgrade vs. buying a stripped 7500 and getting the CPU upgrade for that one, while moving over the stuff from the 7200. Yeah, the second solutions is cheaper and faster!

Apple rethinks

MacWEEK has news that Apple may soon be opening the yet AppleStore-exclusive models of the G4 Cube, the Lime iBook and the mouse and Keyboard towards retailers, so they can sell it as well. I guess that would be a good thing to do, first of all because it opens the full product line towards people without Internet access, and owners of iMac, B/W G3s and G4 will finally be able to buy decent mice and keyboard without having to look at third parties.

Apple's future

MacCentral has spoken with Apple about the future. While the company remains optimistic, the rest wants some further evidence. (Yeah, damnit, show us some fast CPUs) Read on what they had to say.


MOSR again has some juicy rumors on the "portable counterpart to the G4 Cube". Sounds impressive, but I is more of a product born out of logical thinking rather than based on real facts if you ask me. Read on!