Pentium 4 news

Shugashack has some news on Intel preparing to launch its Pentium 4 processor and what speeds they plan to achieve by the second quarter of 2001. They expect 2GHz speeds then, while Steve announced Apple would be closing the gap between PC and Mac speeds until then. He doesn't seriously think Motorola can push the G4e to 2GHz in 6 or 8 months, does he?

The floppy gets another boost

the register notes that Matsushita has developed a new and improved read-write head for floppy drives, allowing to format normal floppy disks to contain as muhc as 32MB of space. Of course that head will only be used in their own special drives etc. but a USB version is planned, so all roads are open yet. -For those Mac users who never got past the shock of the floppy-less Macs.

Amiga coming back

the register notes that Amiga has releaved the specs for their first new hardware product in years, the AmigaOne. The thing features everything a good Mac or PC should (and even a bit more) and runs Amiga's Digital Environment (their OS), which is still a platform independent OS. (Yeah you heard right, damnit, it runs on PPC, x86, ARM, MIPS and SH4. This is a - if successful - truly amazing comeback.

Apple tips

MacWEEK has put up an article talking about what Apple should do now to get give back all the trust so many people have lost during the past months. I don't agree on everything they say, but heck, go read it yourself.

Xrem actually shipping stuff?

Xtrem says they have recently begun shipping their MacThrust overclocking set and have received so many orders they see themselves having trouble delivering stuff in time. Backorders are not being accepted so you'll have to wait. The thing costs 60$ and is compatible with all Macs using ZIF sockets (no mention about Carrier ZIF upgrades). The hardware itself seems to be nothing else than a set of preset jumper blocks. 60$ may seem little, but considering you can get your own jumpers for 50 cents over at Fry's or RadioShack...it's a lot. I overclocked from 266 to 300 more than a year ago and it didn't cost me a thing. They could at least have added an extra heatsink, I saw nothing pointing out that was so...


MOSR has more news on CPUs nothing that there are, again, some problems ahead with the future of the G4(e). The low power 7410 won't exceed 600MHz anytime soon, which means that consumer and, mainly also portable machines won't get a G4 chip until later 2001. The PowerMac line however should get fast G4e chips, which would also use more power then. about 20 watts peak at 733MHz and later (wich SOI) at around 1000MHz (V'Ger and Apollo). A even faster and low power version of the Apollo is not expected to ship until very late 2001. (ed note: This means 2003). Apple is believed to focus on the G3 now (together with IBM) and is going to push it beyond 1GHz asap. (ed note: This means an iMac might soon be much faster in games than even a PowerMac G4 MP). They also note that Mac OS X beta might soon get an update.

MacPlay playing again

MacCentral notes that MacPlay has moved back into business -under new leadership- after they fled the market so cowardly back in erm 1997 (?). They are going to bring us some majorly cool games (and I sure hope they are going to stay a bit longer). My personal wish is Fallout 3.

Mac OS 9.1

AppleInsider has an article about even more new features of Mac OS 9.1 that want to be looked at.

Final word
MGL notes that the rumor about nVidia buying other companies has already been slashed again. Darn, it made so much sense:)