xlr8yourmac notes that RAM prices have fallen extremely during the last days. The lowest price found for a 128MB PC100 RAM module was 54$, 131$ for 256MB. This equals to an almost 50% price drop.
Other notes mention a possible 50$ rebate on Voodoo5 cards and pick up the Xtrem story I posted yesterday, also doubting the price/performance of the product.

NV20 specs update

Shugashack has posted the latest rumors on the specs of the upcoming NV20 graphics card from nVidia. 1.8 GPixels it says, 6 rendering pipelines with 3 texturing units (each), 12.8GB bandwidth, 256bit memory bus, 200MHz DDR SDRAM, 300MHz core clock, 0.15 micron process and - and this is the bad thing - an estimated retail price of 800$. Dudes, noone is going to buy that.

Apple in Germany

the register - among others - notes that Apple Germany just reported a 62% increase in annual revenue, which is an all-time record. Also the marketshare rose from 1.5 to 2.4% in the home sector. This certainly points out that Germany is Europe's most important market for Apple, but still they lag behind in marketshare compared to the European average of 3.3%. Switzerland for its part has 6.5% in business and a whopping 11% of marketshare in the home sector.

The Idiots

MacObserver's idiots talk about the problems Apple has satisfying the needs of true gamers. (Well, the Cube was supposed to be a gaming machine, but obviously the guy who decided that must have been a real idiot, or just terribly drunk when he did) A funny and critical read.

ATI interview

MacCentral has a long interview with a guy from ATI talking about drivers, technology and of course the new RADEON card. If you have some extra time, this might be interesting.

Two button mouse coming?

AppleInsider heard that Apple is still planning to release a two button mouse, once Mac OS X ships, since Mac OS X will be the first OS from Apple to natively support two mouse actions. This may only be speculation, but we may always hope...