FPS debate

Shugashack was pointed to an article that once again tries to explain the old and much discussed FPS debate. While thousands of individual theories float around, in the end only one can actually be true. And this one is of the kind that makes sense. (Not the first time I read this). Read it and maybe you won't have to argue anymore afterwards. Original Article.

Apple education

the register notes that Apple has now also chosen an education market overviewer in the US, after this job was first invented for the European market. Cheryl Vedoe has been chosen for the post of VP for education marketing. Apple hopes to spur its profits in that sector again.

Voodoo4 4500 PCI released

Yahoo notes that 3Dfx is shipping Voodoo4 4500 PCI cards for the Mac in the USA now. That means it can only be a matter of weeks until we get it everywhere. The card only costs 180$, so that looks like one hot second screen card:)

DDR in the Mac

MacWEEK explains what this DDR-SDRAM stuff really is and what benefits it might bring to the Mac (if not to say "it will bring"). Quite a long article with some history and some ideas, quite worth the read.

Wireless Firewire?

MOSR tells us that Apple is working on incorporating Wireless FireWire (1394b) in the next-next generation UMA-3 motherboards. Needless to say this is going to be a hell lot faster than AirPort or anything like that.

Final word
The thing that scared me most today was a poll on Shugashack, where George W. Bush clearly lead the votes in front of Al Gore and the rest. Here's a little tip from Europe: Only intelligent politicians should be given the job of the most powerful man in the world. Someone who attracts his voters by officially letting his wife praise him for feeding the cat when he comes home probably isn't suitable for the job. Happy halloween.