xlr8yourmac has some more reports on Radeon fixes and some other notes.

nVidia at Comdex

Shugashack. notes that nVidia has announced their new graphics chip "GeForce2go" (GeForce to go), their first ever mobile chip. The specs are quite impressive on the paper, real time performance remains to be seen.

More OS X on Intel rumors

the register notes that Ars Technica dug up some dude claiming that Apple hired him to help port Mac OS X to the Intel platform. Of course this doesn't mean Apple wants to ship any such product for hte x86 platform, but it may be a means of pressure towards Motorola and/or an interesting research work to see how portable MOX really is. As of now, this is still nothing more than a rumor, although a possible one. I know many Mac users would welcome the migration to x86, but 95% of them simply never considered all the aspects of such a deed. Send flames on this topic to flames@g-news.ch.

Comdex stuff

TechWeb has news on Microsofts Tablet PC. It works but nobody really knows what it's good for. Basically a PC with Newton funtionality. You didn't expect anything innovative, did you?
MacNN has news from Macromedia. The announced products include DreamWeaver 4, DreamWeaver UtraDev 4 and FireWorks 4.
MacCentral has many other announcements that might be interesting for Mac users as well.


MOSR has news on the beta version of Mac OS 9.1. Best thing is if you read it yourself.