3dfx changes again

xlr8yourmac notes that 3dfx has decided to move out of the manufacturing business again. When they started they just shipped the chips to other companies (like Creative) who then made the video cards out of it. After their great success 3dfx decided to do it all alone (maybe to get all the money) and soon thereafter the missed a few release dates and started lagging behind the rest ever since. Now they're again outsourcing their hardware stuff to other companies, surely hoping to improve their financial situation. Good luck!
the register has more.

Apple facing PB 5300 times?

the register. notes that Apple has admitted a fault in current PowerMac G4 models that causes the power switch to burn out, thus making it impossible to switch the Mac on if you don't have either a new Apple display (with the power button) or an old USB keyboard (the Pro model doesn't have a power switch anymore, obviously). At least they are aware of the problem and are taking care of it.
Maybe they should do a little less economizing and start to focus a bit more on quality again. I wouldn't like to see a return of the PowerBook 5300 misery.
MacWEEK also addresses the problem.

Comdex reports popping up

FiringSquad has posted part one of their Comdex report. Of course it's mainly about PC stuff, but if you're a true hardware fan, you'll read it anyway.

Netscape 6 sucks?

MacObserver has some feedback on Netscapes latest piece of software, Netscape 6. After waiting almost 3 years for a new and improved browser, people expected a little more than they got. This also reflects what the current opinion on the product is: "it sucks". Maybe you want to read this article before you trash your old Browser/Mail client.

Graphics wars

MacWEEK also discusses the current situation between ATI and nVidia, jobs for their lawyers, Mac plans and newborn competition. Check it out.

SuperComputing 2000

This article is a review of what happened at the SuperComputing 2000 conference in Texas and has some more and some less interesting bits. I was linked at this from Slashdot and wondered whether Apple showed up there, but of course they're not consequent enough to go there, at least I saw no sign of Apple anywhere in that article.

Little buddy?

MOSR has some strange news on Apple's "non-existant" server that some people had their system connect to spontaneously. There are quite a few new facts known, but the purpose of the machine remains a mystery.