More P4 and more

xlr8yourmac notes that there are some more P4 benchmarks available on the web now, and that 3dfx has released new drivers for their cards.
Shugashack notes what Carmack had to say about why the Pentium 4 is so damn fast in Quake 3, while still being slower than the Athlon or P3 in other apps.

Rebates all over the place

the register. notes that Apple has now also reduced the price of the G4 PowerMac line by 300-500$. After the Cube and the Powerbooks, this is now the 3rd line that has been reduced in price.

AGP 8x announced

the register also notes that Intel has announced some first specs of the upcoming AGP 8x standard. Never fear though, it's not coming before 2003. Also the spec is far from frozen at the moment. A 64bit version for Itanium is planned (which might also work with G5s, maybe).