Shugashack has some more rumors on teh upcoming NV20 graphics chipset from nVidia, which is now believed to be about 7x faster than a GeFOrce 2 Ultra and may have a programmable pipeline...
Also important is that a demo for QUAKE 3 TEAM ARENA has been released yesterday. No Mac or Linux version at the moment it seems.
the register has more on the NV20 specs.

Apple loses marketing dude

the register. notes that Apple's marketing vice president Steve Wilhite has left the company. Nothing sure about why and who is going to follow up, but we sure need some better marketing.

More OS X on Intel, or not

MacObserver has a rather good article on the never ending topic "OSX on Intel?!". Well he thinks that even if Apple should be moving to another chip (x86), their hardware would still have proprietary stuff in it that would only make it run on Apple branded machines. I guess he's damn right there:)

Mac OS 9.1 golden?

MOSR notes that Apple may have reached golden master with its latest OS, Mac OS 9.1, which is probably going to be the last major update before MOX.

Creative Labs news

IMG notes that a representative from Creative Labs noted that their Sound Blaster LIVE! cards for Mac are currently in beta testing and should be released by MWSF. The cards are Mac specific and might improve game performance once the games support it OpenAL API. That's good news.