Washington Post has got a cold ass

The Washington Post posted an article discussing the old MAc vs PC debate. While it remains amazingly unbiased, it also doesn't really say anything. Still if you want to heat them up a bit, I bet they love the flames they get:)

Copyright issues

the register. notes that a German court has sued HP for selling Computers capable of producing pirate Music CDs. (I guess they aim at the ones with standard built-in CD-RW). This is not only follow up to a suit against Compaq in matter about MPEG 2 licenses and DVD drives, it is also a logical consequence of the new EU law that charges fees on all equipment capable of copying copyrighted content. That might make bigger waves than the clever EU eggheads wanted...

More Creative Labs news

MGL. has a big update on the status of Creative Labs SoundBlaster LIVE! PCI soundcard. This guy was either totally high when he wrote it, or Creative Labs is about to become the most Mac commited company we have seen this half of the year. If everything they mention gets done, it's going to be really, really great!

Another MS scandal ahead?

Linuxworld.com. notes that the latest rumors say that the latest versions of Windows (or the latest patches) actually use Linux source code. Of course that would be a major violation of the GPL license this Open-Source OS has. If this turns out to be true, MS is facing another bad, bad series of trials.

Final word
Just want to note two sad things: A: I've been playing a lot of Q3 lately, and as sad as this sounds, I found there are now quite a lot of cheaters online. Aimbots and other weapon-affecting hacks seem to be fairly popular.
B: Blizzard's Battle.net Realms for Diablo 2 still aren't performing better either. Actually even worse. 2 weeks ago they told me they were currently working on the European server. I don't think they're still working on that, but I do think their work was useless.
A good way to judge the status of the Europe Realm works like this: Total amount of users playing Diablo 2 on the Europe Realm: 6000+ = fine, go play, 8000+ = playable, but be careful with pings, 10000+ = click quit and try another game.