3dfx stuff

Shugashack notes that 3dfx's Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 AGP board do NOT work on Pentium 4 motherboards. Obviously Intel didn't put a 3.3V connector in their AGP slot , although they actually designed that very port:) Voodoo4 do work apparently.
Shugashack also notes that the latest (Win 9x, I assume) drivers hav a new option that might increase the speed of the cards quite a lot (similar trick to ATI's system, that doesn't draw the invisible stuff).

Apple looking for allies?

the register notes that rumors have arisen, that Apple may be planning to force IBM and Motorola to open their PPC architecture,so other companies can also start to produce and develop their own designs of PPC chips. Whether this is true or just a rumors is unknown, as well as what the benefits would really be, if 2 more companies would develop PPC chips - for their integrated systems.
Who else than MOSR could possibly have started that rumor.

Motorola still in business

MacCentral notes that Motorola has just released the first PCI based cable-modem-card of their own design. At least this confirms that they're still alive, aside of the mobile-phone department.