VPC scores

xlr8yourmac has posted some feedback on the latest version 4.0 of the PC emulator Virtual PC. Looks like some things were really improved a lot!

Apple good, Apple bad

the register along with others, notes that Apple has announced a possible 225 million dollar loss for the first fiscal quarter 2001. PC demand has been shrinking steadily over the past months, and so has demand for Macs, thus it is not surprising. The whole industry is in fact having trouble with sales. Of course Apple's MHz gap etc didn't helpt there at all, and the uncertainty of Mac OS X doesn't help either. But the register notes that Apple already has some good news in the works and cites Steve Jobs on a few things.
This is certainly a shock to some investors, but nothing to care about for the rest of us.

Xtrem back in the news

the register also notes that Xtrem, the Swedish company that promised us to ship a 1.2GHz Mac, has now set the provisional ship date to late January 2001. Believe it or not.

Rumor round-up

the register eventually also wraps up the two latest rumors, both that have already been mentioned here earlier, but you may want to check it out anyway. It's about the third PowerBook line and the "faster, new G3".

Apple's CD_RW strategy

AppleInsider has more info on what Apple plans to do in the future concerning CD-RW drives in Macs (as a standard). The lack of those drives was one of the mistakes Steve Jobs admitted when the was talking about the possible loss in the 1st quarter.
AppleInsider is pretty sure the next update to the PowerMac line will include CD-RW drives, if not even DVD/CD-RW combo drives.
They also note that Mac OS 9.1 is ready to ship and will probably do so at MWSF.