F.A.K.K 2 review

MacNN has posted a review of the third person action game "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2" and also has several other review on their page too. Some might be interesting to read, in case you haven't done so yet.

Come on, think first!

MacWEEK has posted a rather sad article, or rant, on the Pentium 4. I'll allow myself to post a snipped here to explain why this article is rather poor:

Intel has finally released the Pentium 4, and so far, the results have been disappointing. Unless you are running Quake III
or have the two pieces of software that have been rewritten for the Pentium 4's SIMD extensions, you will see almost no
improvement over a Pentium III. This is great news for AMD, as the Athlon is easily beating the Pentium 4 at similar clock
So, did John think a lot when he wrote that article? Probably not. He obviously didn't see the parallels between SIMD 2 and Altivec/Velocity. Intel's problem with the P4 is not that "it's only about MHz and not about instructions per cycle", their true problem is exactly the same as the one Apple has been having since the release of the G4. Once all the apps are optimized and recompiled for the Pentium 4 with its ultra fast, yet currently idle execution units, it's going to be a though competitor to AMDs Athlon again.
I'm not saying Mr. Welch is just writing bogus over there, but he obviously wasn't well informed enough to take on that difficult topic.
Judge from the reader feedback, how much turmoil this article caused:)

More CD-RW opinions

MacWEEK also talks about Apple's intentions to somehow integrate CD-RW capability in upcoming Macs. Of course the possibilities are big, but I'm sure you didn't expect such a wide range of alternatives. Go read on, it's quite amazing:)

CubePowerBook rumors

MOSR has some more possible details of the rumored "Cube" Powerbook, a new subnotebook that is said to be aimed at a release at MWSF. Most fo the features MOSR mentions seem to make sense, however, I don't think the CD-RW drive is going to make it into a subnotebook for now. Desktops for sure, but maybe not quite the notebooks, eh?

Gaming stuff

MGL has quite a lot of interesting news concerning gaming and 3D graphics. That site is simply sympathetic:)

Futuristic guns

Tomshardware has news on a fairly cool new invention. Its something between a laser gun and an electro shocker and is said to be extremely effective, yet not lethal. Funny stuff:)