MP stuff

xlr8yourmac.com has a guide to replacing an AGP G4 CPU module with a Dual G4 CPU module, and notes that Apple has released a little plugin that supposedly enhances MP performance on MP G4 Macs.

It has happened!

the register reports what many have seen coming, and what has often been denied again: 3Dfx is out of business and rival nVidia is buying what is left of it. For a bargain. You see, missing a product cycle is deadly these days.
I'm almost ashamed I can't say anything else about this, but I was among those who saw it coming. That means: No more 3Dfx support for the Mac. It remains to be seen whether nVidia is grateful enough to continue supporting the Mac cards or not. If not, some people who just bought a Voodoo5 must feel pissed off now. But we should also see the upside of all that: nVidia can now integrate even more kick-ass technology into their boards, and if they decide to support the Mac one day, that might show off. Another good thing is that Apple didn't do the OEM deal with 3dfx...think about how good the problem of finding a new OEM would do Apple. Feel free to sound off in an e-mail. I'll post entries if there are any.
FiringSquad has an interview with a responsible dude from nVidia.

Faster Macs soon, faster G3s than G4s!

the register also notes that MOSR says Apple is going to ship faster iMacs and iBooks soon (MWSF might or might not be) clocking between 667 and 733 MHz (using the 750CXe), while the G4 most likely won't go beyond 600MHz in the mean time. So Apple does indeed risk to ship "faster" low end machines, compared to the high-end G4s. However, I guess Mac users are educated enough to know that a G4 will outperform a G3 under Mac OS X anytime. And if the newcomers think they get more MHz for less buck, that can only be a good thing. Thus, we're looking forward to the fastest iMacs in years:)
MOSR has the original story.

USB 2.0 plans

MOSR also claims that Apple may be showing off their plans for USB 2.0 at MWSF. Current rumors say it will be integrated into a revision of UMA-2 (Virginia) sometime in the middle of 2001, along with 166MHz DDR-SDRAM support (166x2) and 800Mbit FireWire...Oh yes:)

What Apple needs to do

MacCentral has some more analyst opinions on Apple's current situation, as well as several recommendations from analysts and readers. A must for everyone who is interested in Apple's future.

ATI interview

SharkyExtreme has an interesting interview with some guy from ATI talking about how things look, not that 3dfx is about to die, leaving behind nVidia stronger and better than ever before.