DVD-ROM ROM update

Apple has just released a ROM patch for the DVD-ROM drives found in the iMac DV and iMac DV SE. The new ROM improves certain functions that help to determine what format the CD-ROM is and whether it is unreadable or not. It does NOT fix the sound out of sync bug when playing DVD movies. That fix is expected to come with Mac OS 9.0.1. Thanx to iMac2Day.com

More finance

There is yet another review of Apples financial report, again at MacWEEK. Apple looks very healthy, analysts say. 2000 should be a good year.

The Mac and Linux

MacObserver's Columnist Chris Rogers discusses how Unix and linux still live on the Mac platform and how strong their comeback is and will be with Mac OS X. An interesting article, surely worth a read, if you have time.

MS updates software

With the year 2000 nearing fast, Microsoft has just rolled out a few updates for IE and Outlookexpress. The patches fix several security issues that would have occurred after the millennium. Obviously the updates ensure operability also after the change of date. MacObserver

CPU prices

SharkyExtreme has updated its weekly CPU prices table. It only covers PC chips, but you might want to know still.