Voodoo3 2000 PCI overclocking

Yeah, I'm a sinner, I worked over Xmas:)
Check out my tests with V3 ROM Clocker and a Voodoo3 2000 PCI card. If you want to try it as well, please remember to send me your results! Check it out.

Macgamegate gets .com

Macgamegate, now also has a .com address (www.macgate.com) instead of only the .torget.se one.

Pod Racer update

Right in time for Xmas, Lucas Arts has released a patch for Star Wars: Episode One, Racer that enables the game to run on Voodoo cards now. After all the speculation and analysis around the problems that had occured, this is a logical consequence drawn by LucasArts. Let's hope they keep up the good work. mac3Dfx.com

The Mac and Linux

MacObserver's Columnist Chris Rogers discusses how Unix and linux still live on the Mac platform and how strong their comeback is and will be with Mac OS X. An interesting article, surely worth a read, if you have time.

Darwin news

MacWEEK has an article telling us the news around Darwin development, features and goals. For all of you who don't know what Darwin is: Darwin is the OpenSource part of Mac OS X, that is being developed by a dedicated team to keep things going. Most certainly Darwin will also be PC compatible, i.e. run on Intel machines. However, it is NOT Mac OS X.

The multiple/bigger monitor/system debate

David K. Every discusses whether one giant monitor or several smaller monitors is better for you. Or should you get 2 separate computers? Remote control? I've had a lot of discussions with David already, and we often didn't agree with each other, but this time I agree fully. By the way, this issue ws written on a dual monitor config:) MacWEEK

3Dfx and MWSF

Macledge notes that 3Dfy will hold a Mac related press conference on Jan. 5th 2000 over at MWSF. My guess is Voodoo4/5 support:) Head over to macledge and make sure to keep yourslef posted there, since they'll have a live coverage. MacLedge

Mystic G4 at MWSF?

AppleInsider has an article telling us that Apple may indeed present their "Mystic" G4 desktop line at MWSF in January. The Mystics are expected to be dual G4 500Mhz machines, otherwise nearly identical to the Sawtooth G4s. When those babies ship is yet unclear. AppleInsider

Mac OS 9.0.1 delayed

According to AppleInsider, the updated version of Mac OS 9 has fallen slightly behind schedule and is now expected to ship in late January, after the release of the P7A (17" iMac). Minuet, as it is called, now sports 59 new or updated components and will be vital for Pismo, Mystic and the 17" iMac to run properly. AppleInsider

P7A, the 17" iMac

AppleInsider has some news and details on the soon to be presented 17" iMac. According to their sources, the new iMac will feature a 500Mhz G3, 4x DVD ROM (slot-in), RGB out, 16" viewable screen, FireWire and the usual stuff. Head over to their site for more details. Obviously the first pre-production units have already been produced. AppleInsider

Coppermine bug, the truth?

Earlier I once reported on a bug that was found in the circuits of the Coppermine P3s. As rumors have grown since then (on the PC side), someone now wnated to hear the "truth" and asked Intel itself. They say the bug only happens extremely seldom and is only present in the older 0.25 micron Coppermines. Let's hope it is the truth. 3Dhardware.com