Not much new

I haven't found much news today, must be due to the holidays. However, if you haven't had enoughto read yet, head over to www.maccentral.com for the rest.

Rage Fury MAXX review

3Dhardware.com offers alink to a review of the retail rage Fury MAXX from ATI. According to that review the MAXX beats the GeForce (SDRAM) in both Quake 3 and UT in 32bit mode. If no Voodoo5, then please at least that card in the next G4s, Apple! 3Dhardware.com


I have now also tested all the games I had availlable to see what can be fixed this way, and what runs and what does not. Luckily you can get every game to run just great. Check it out!

Voodoo magic!

I wrote a little article about how to setup your old Voodoo1 or Voodoo2 card to work together with your brand new Voodoo3 card. The nicest solution to have Quake1 and KHG etc work again.Check it out!

Power Failure!

This sucks. You maybe heard that there was a huge storm over Western Europe for the last 48 hours. The storm caused over 50 dead from the UK over to Germany, around 10 only in Switzerland, most struck down by falling trees. Wind speeds maxed out at roughly 200km/h in the mountains, and still 133km/h here in Berne. 600 Electricity stems were taken down and we (I) had no power from 11am on 26th to 13.45pm on 27th. I beg your pardon for not posting anything, but without power I couldn't even read a a book. You learn to appreciate electricity again, believe me.


The article about Apple and Linux dated from last year and obviously never really made it into reality. I'm sorry about that really, but I guess I was a bit stressed and forgot to check for the date... Shouldn't happen again. This was the article: techweb.com
Thanx to DOA over GR for the hint.