Happy New Year, Decade, Century and Millennium

Well, there are still people who are sceptical about it, but I'll celebrate today, so what. Sydney already passed it, so did Japan and the first parts of Russia. For us it is a bit more than 8 hours yet.
Well, I wish you all a great day and good going.

PC USB Keyboards on a Mac

ResExcellence has na article that describes how to use a Windows USB keyboard on a Mac, and how to remap the modifier keys to asct as option and command keys. Thanx toiMac2Day

Best Games 1999

Tresh's Firingsquad has another review on the best (PC) Games of the year 1999. Find out which are out for Mac or which are coming, and which we'll never see.

OT Tuner = OT Bugger?

After the fast reaction on the security issue with Mac OS 9 and OpenTransport, the bugfix may fix the initial bug, but obviously it causes many problems for users of the update. Check out the complaints at MacWEEK

New Yellow Dog Linux for MWSF

According to MacObserver there will be a new release for Yellow Dog Linux for PPC at MWSF in January. The new release incorporates new features and updated system parts.

Apple Shares over 100, Cinema Display ships

Apple's Stock gained a few points again, as Apple announced the shipping of the 22" Cinema Displays, the largest LCD display in the market, apparently. MacCentral

Intel 600MHz Mobile chips

Intel debuts their 600Mhz mobile P3s. But, because those chips are so power hungry (still), Intel has developed a technology called "SpeedStep". This function does nothing else than lower the CPU lock speed by 150Mhz, when the Notebook is not plugged into a power plug. That means the Notebooks will be 450MHz machines, having a second 600Mhz "Desktop" mode. Tom's Hardware

MOSR down

I don't know how you experience this, but for me MOSR has been down for 3 days now. I wonder what those guys are doing.

Weekly CPU prices

As always only for PC chips, and as always over at Sharky Extreme