Some confirmation

I asked for some more info on the 1GHz P3 notebook I reported about on Tuesday. This is what the friendly engineer had to say about the books:

S.g. Hr. Blaser,

   es ist eine FCPGA CPU ohne Speed Step. Die Betriebszeit
   beträgt bei jedem unserer Notebooks generell ca 2 Stunden

   Mit freundlichen Grüßen

   Ing. Rudolf DIRNBERGER

Translated into English (don't worry, no Babelfish here), this means as much as: "Dear Mr. Blaser, it is an FCPGA CPU without SpeedStep. The battery life of all of our notebooks is generally about 2 hours. Sincerely, blabla...etc".
While this is certainly not much (compare to PowerBooks (5h) and iBooks (-6h)), it's still quite impressive, considering the specs.


Shugashack has a lot of stuff ranging from CPU news to Gamecenter alliance news to Xbox news and beyond.

G4e delayed

the register tells us nothing new by writing that Motorola has again slipped the mass release of the G4 Plus (G4+/G4e,V'Ger, whatever) to June earliest. This means: No G4 Macs going faster than 600MHz next week at MWSF, and MWNY might kick some major ass, given they get the G4e out in time for that.

Mac OS 9.1 due Tue

MacNN notes that a hint in the Apple TILs notes that Mac OS 9.1 should be released on Tuesday featuring a whole bunch of new stuff. Check it out.

Price drop analysis

TechWeb talks about why Apple had to drop prices on their machines etc. Most of the reasons they mention are no-brainers, but we're all analysts anyway, no?

New Macs in the pipe

MacWEEK has some "confirmed" rumors on the upcoming new Mac models. While the powerbook seems to be a MWSF release, the G4 towers with the new motherboard and G4e seem to be more of a MWNY release, at the moment. I don't consider this a good thing at all. Apple will have to boost the speed of the towers next week, or it's going to lose again. Give them 550 and 600MHz Dual machines if you want, but give them something to take home.

Good Q3A news

MGL has some excellent news on Mac Quake 3 and Mac OS X Quake 3 as well as Team Arena: id will be doing the ports to OS X (means support and quality) and the Classic version (1.27) is about to ship with finalized code (god bless you).