MWSF galore

Looks like Apple pretty much killed everyone who was sceptical about what they'd be announcing, as well as everybody already seeing them dead. If the stuff that Mike has posted at xlr8yourmac is all true (I haven't followed things yet), the new PowerMacs are going to kick SERIOUS ass. Already the words "733MHz G4" should make people's hearts jump in the chest.
MacNN has some more text on the whole thing, but still not much more than a few impressions. The new PowerMacs are truly amazing (I think), Mac OS X is going to ship on March 24th (final version), a new digital music application "iTunes" has been demonstrated, as well as a new goal for Apple and the Mac.
MOSR has all the facts summed up nicely and tighly. That's the way I like it.
MacWEEK also has a nice wrap up.

Facts ala G-News

I'm just going to list the facts how I extracted them from the Keynote stream:


Shugashack has some news on Quake 3 and various updates that have been released for it (dunno about the Mac versions though) as well as some new old games announced for the Xbox.


MacObserver has some news on the company behind the new audio system in the new G4s. Apparently they leaked some info before they should have (like ATI last time). However, I don't think Steve is going to be as angry as last time, also because their amplifier system cannot be removed as easily as an AGP card.

MacPlay hires new president

MGL notes that MacPlay has now officially appointed Diane Zammit as their new president. Hope this si going to push their PR a bit.


AppleInsider, has some rumors, that actually already turned out to be facts. One about Apple acquiring SoundJam (think iTunes) and the other about Apple going CD-RW (which the new PowerMacs do feature).

Glaze3D, Bitboys, dead

IMG notes that TreshsFiringsquad notes eomthing that looks like the official epitaph to Bitboys grave. I mean we knew it was only Vaporware, but now it's official. Good thing we have GeForce2 MX cards now:)