GeForce 2 MX feedback

xlr8yourmac has entered the second day of continuos feedback from G4 533 owners. Some reporting problems with OpenGL games, some not. If you think about buying one of those machines, or if you have one/get one, make sure to read this.
The good news is that OWC now ships XLR8 Carrier ZIF 2.0 MPe cards, that can accept up tow two G4 chips. Like the old Carrier ZIFs, they work in PCI PowerMacs (the 7-9600 line) as well as in various clones.

MS Whistler news

Shugashack has some new details on Whistler's anti piracy system that links each copy to a single PC. Now, if people want to swap out the motherboard or a lot of other components (this is done almost every time a PC user upgrades), they'll have to call Microsoft so they can reactivate their copy of Whistler to accept the new machine internals. Bet they're going to charge you for those calls, too.
the register already has the only sensible solution to the problem: a hack.

MS brings you death and decay, and Melissa

the register justifies my oath to never have any Microsoft products on my Mac other than IE and it's components. Why? Maybe because a new macrovirus for Office 2001 (Mac edition too) has started spreading out again. However, the source is believed to lie in a beta version of Outlook Express (OE) that surfaced at MWSF. One day we're going to die because of their security holes, I'm telling ya. Make sure to read this, if you have either of those programs.
MacWEEK has some more news on the story.

WD to ship 30GB/platter-ers

the register notes that Western Digital has started mass-production of what seems to be the worlds first 30GB per platter harddrive. (compare: Matrox currently has 20 (I think) and IBM's 75GXP have 15GB (60GXP will have 20)). The new drives only run at 5400rpm though, so that might kill some of the performance gain compared to less dense 7200rpm drives.

Oni first impressions

"Better late than never" must be what FiringSquad are telling themselves as they have posted their first impressions of Oni today. Check it out. (I don't know whether the article is any good, I didn't read it I admit, as I don't like the game very much)

Processor awards

MacWEEK has the latest news from San Jose, where all the new microprocessors were awarded or not. IBM's PPC 750CX ranked good, the G4 never even made it into the finals, for obvious reasons. There is some babbling around Moore's Law, the megahurts race etc. And finally a guy who said that Apple would be foolish, if they migrated to x86 now. I'm reliefed that there are still people who see that.


MOSR has news on Mac OS 9.5 aparently being under development and the "CubeBook" that may in fact be a planned information appliance, using a new Motorola integrated chip. I thought the CubeBook had seen the light of day in the PowerBook Titanium, but I must have been wrong, eh?