xlr8yourmac yesterday posted some details on a security issue in OS X and reported that Rene Trost (author of Throughput) has released hsi first game (port), which si written 100% in PPC assembly.It's a port of the ultra famous and ultra popular Moorhuhnjagd, which was the nr.1 game on the PC last year and caused several million dollar of damages to companies because employees played it too much. There are also German championships for this game.

Q3F beta 1H soon

Shugashack notes that Q3F is finally going to be updated this week to be compatible with Q3A 1.27, and to add various other things. Of course there's a whole bunch of other news too.
Official bug and features list.

New heads

MacWEEK notes that Maxtor has started shipping their newest harddrives, which use a new technology that lifts the head from the platter, instead of sitting on it. The drives also have fewer parts and are thus cheaper. You can have 15GB for 100$.


MOSR has some interesting new rumors and ideas on the upcoming revision for the iMac, which is most certainly going to be the last for the iMac as we know it. After the MacWorld Tokyo revision, there will be a major redesign, according to MOSR. They also say that the next generation of Airport is going to be even smaller (the hardware) and cheaper (the price).

Darwin developer leaves

Slashdot notes that Wilfredo Sanchez,a guy aparently involved to Darwin development has left Apple in favor of another, small company. However some things will keep going, so Darwin doesn't seem to be endangered really.
A related note mentions that the official Linux Kernel code does no longer work on PPC, which forces PPC Linux developers to stick with the older ones that do (or their own). The question has arisen, why this is the case. ry at FS

Quicktime 5

AppleInsider notes that QuickTime 5 has entered beta state 9 and presents some of the new features. The latest shipdate was together with Mac OS X I think??