iForce G4 upgrade announced

PowerLogix is about to ship the first G4 upgrade card for iMacs (rev. A-D). There's a 400 and 500MHz flavor. Might be interesting for small businesses interested in cheap yet powerful graphics workstations. I guess an old iMac with one of these upgrades is quite ok for Photoshop.


MGL notes that a post on xlr8yourmac.com, which was deleted later, said that Creative Labs is about to finally ship its soundblaster cards for the Mac. In related news, Creative is said to have said (yuck) that they plan to to leave the graphics cards business. No retail GeForce3 for Mac then, at least not from Creative.
An other note is that MacPlay is screwing up on Soldier of Fortune (again). Apartently they don't have enough time to do the port at the moment. (Oh take your time, we're still going to buy it in 20 years, too).
And there is an interesting Halo update talking about the progress they're making.
Ermm, and eh, there are some more news on the GeForce 3 as well... I'm sorry, wuaahh..:( This IMG article is what it's actually about. Interesting I admit.

Home LAN guide

SharkyExtreme has put together one of their guides, this time about setting up a Home LAN and sharing a broadband internet connection with multiple Computers over that same LAN. Of course a lot there is PC only, but at least the hardware stuff should work on the Mac too.