Sour Apples?

xlr8yourmac notes that several G4 733 owners now report their performance on benchmarks and actual applications is fairly low, in some cases definitely below the performance of a G4 533 (which still uses the 7410 chip, opposed to the 7450 one in the 667 and 733 versions). The bad performance is currently believed to result out of an incompatibility or missing optimisation in Mac OS 9.1. Apple better gets that fixed, or there will be a lot of people getting really mad at them.
Somehow related to this is the new version of PPC checker from Michiro Isobe, which will now also recognize 750CX and 7410 chips properly.
Then there is also the news about Quake 3 1.27h running much faster with Virtual Memory turned on, which is something I can confirm. However there are a few drawbacks to this, mostly bad sound performance and noticeable hickups in animation. Average FPS don't tell you everything after all.

More Appel retail partners

the register notes that Apple has had two more retail sites join its Apple Retail Chain plan, which leaked out to the public abotu a year ago. Still things don't seem to have really started there just yet.

Linux 64bit on PPC

Slashdot notes that IBM has ported the linux kernel to its 64bit PPC platform, which is certainly going to kick some serious butt around Linux platforms.

New DSP card uses PPC chip

MacCentral reports that a new Digital Signal Processing card, aimed at musicians, uses a PowerPC chip to unload some work from the main CPU in a system. I'm not into this stuff, so I really can't comment on it, but I think it might be quite interesting, if you need such a thing.