xlr8yourmac has some positive and negative feedback on Apples FirmWare update for AGP G4 machines, Cubes, iMacs, PowerBooks and iBooks. Some people report RAM performance increases, while others say that their memory modules are no longer recognized. The FirmWare can be downloaded from a provided link.

GDC stuff

Shacknews has some interesting pieces from this years Game Developers Conference. Among them some facts about the Xbox and other stuff. Black & White is also shipping, according to Shacknews.

How much is left?

the register notes that Motorola plans to fire another 4000 employees, this time from their wireless division. I really start to wonder how a company can make redundant thousands of people every month without just going belly up? Well, let's hope they don't.

MAC OS X released!!!!

the register has some interesting statements from Steve Jobs from the Mac OS X release event in Cuppertino. No Mac OS X for x86 (I was telling you guys), Steve was pretty serious about that!
MacObserver has posted a guide on installing the new OS (already) and has also a picture of the box here.
MacCentral has so much stuff o the release that I'm not going to provide direct links, you'll find it yourself.
MOSR also has a few words on that.

Gaming stuff

IMG has some nice details and scoops on new and upcoming games as well as on the SoundBlaster Live! card from Creative Labs.