OSX feedbacks appear

xlr8yourmac already has tons of reader feebdback on Mac OS X. Due to the nature of the site, it's most the negative ones of course, but you'd sure like to hear what has to be worked on yet, before you go out and buy it yourself.
Also there are reports that Creative Labs GeForce 2MX cards already seem to have a Mac compatible ROM onboard and don't need to be flashed after all. That of course makes things more interesting.

Software releases

Shacknews notes that Rocket Arena (a mod for Quake 3 Arena) has been released in version 1.5 and now also works on Macs (client side). The other post is concerning Windows XP, which is also going to come out shortly, however even Microsoft seems to have concerns about its user friendliness, very funny, check this out:

You need, essentially, a new or extremely recent computer, 128MB of RAM (at
       least; our test laptop was decked out with 320MB), 2GB of free disk space, and, if
       you're upgrading, you must have Windows 98 or above. In fact, Microsoft says you'll
       have the best experience only if you buy a brand-new system with XP preinstalled. ...
       Unless you're planning to buy a new system when Windows XP hits the shelves, your XP
       experience likely won't be as smooth as Microsoft hopes. Though Windows XP may be, as
       Gates and company have said, the most important release since Windows 95, it's not an
       upgrade you should consider lightly
Hahaha! Btw, what does XP mean? eXPensive? Cross (X) Platform? XenoPhile? XraP? You name it:)

Sonnet, XLR8 go with X

MacCentral notes that both XLR8 and Sonnet have confirmed that they are going to support their CPU upgrade cards under Mac OS X, or turned differently, are going to enable users of their cads to run Mac OS X. Good news for all those upgraders out there.