OSX galore

xlr8yourmac has gotten another truck full of feedback on Mac OS X, one interesting one noting that OS X added master/slave mode on a Beige G3 Rev. A. Under 8.x and 9.x this was only possible after upgrading to a Rev. B or later ROM. This suggests that Mac OS X has some ROM features in software form, as seen on all Macs after the Beige G3s shipped. (They all have a software ROM file in the system folder).
What might also be of interested to several readers is that IBM is shipping a new 48GB IDE drive for PowerBooks, claiming it's both the biggest (true) and most silent (remains to be seen) drive ever.

Windows XP, the joke of the decade

Shacknews has another extremely funny piece of news on Windows XP. If they get to do this, thousands of Computer enthusiasts will flock to all other OSes but Windows XP, and Mac OS X woud surely be of more interest to most, read this:

Another Windows XP story has made it's way to ZDNet where editor David Coursey takes a look at
the system specs that Microsoft would like to see from hardware manufacturers. If the PC makers
want to put a Windows XP logo on their systems, they'd have to follow the guidelines. Overall a
pretty normal list until you get to this part.. 

       The system does not allow end-user access to expansion bus cards. This means
       users will no longer routinely open their PCs to add peripherals 

No access to expansion slots? Riiight. Thanks gonk.
You know what I'm doing right now? Opening my Mac? No, rolling on the floor laughing.
Ok back to serious things, there are more news on Windows XP, this time on the server version, called Blade. Seems as if MS is trying to kill off Linux as a server platform just before its influence is inevitable. Of course they are imitating the benefits Linux has, but who expected innovation anyway? Read it here.

ATI news

the register notes that although ATI has made significant losses during the last financial quarter, they were able to get it back to a slight profit, after selling off a lot of shares. (That tactic seems familiar). They also bought the FireGL technology, aimed at workstation class graphics, I hear. I guess they start to feel the pressure of nVidia now too, that's not good.


MacObserver has a little trick how you can get a Radeon PCI or Voodoo3 PCI to work under Mac OS X, assuming you use it as a second display card only.


MOSR has a quick rumorous rundown on what you might expect for MacWorld New York later this year (in July). I agree with most of their rumors and I'm very anxious to see those machines.

SoundBlaster arrives

MGL has some official news from Creative Labs, that the Mac version of the Soundblaster Live! soundcard for Mac is shipping now. Some users already gave some feedback elsewhere, can't remember though. As long as you stick with 9.x for a while, this is surely the number one item on the list of any gamer now. See what you get for the buck.