xlr8yourmac has various interesting newsbits, the most striking one being an overclocked G4 733 running at 867 (866) MHz and a guide how you can do it yourself.

VIA trying to pick the Apples

the register notes that electronic giant VIA (famous for Motherboards and the revived Cyrix line of CPUs) plans to go the same way as Apple, revolutionizing the looks and feels of consumer level PCs. Good luck, it may be too late already.

Duron hits 900

the register reports that AMD has released the 900MHz Duron CPU today. This is surely one of the best price-performance chips you can get today, so if you really HAVE TO buy a PC, consider this.
First you might want to read a review of the part at FiringSquad.

Oh my god!!

the register reports that Microsofts PassPort Service Agreement contract has some surprises for you: They may actually do whatever they want with anything you send over their service, including using an ideas you send, any business plans, inventions etc etc. They may post your name officially etc etc. I just can't stop asking myself: "Who the hell do these guys think they are? God? (rather the opposite if that, I guess)". Good thing I never had any e-mail going out from one of their accounts. Subscribe to something else than hotmail.com now, if you like your privacy.
And this sounds like a bad joke after the above article.

The death of Bluetooth?

Slashdot notes that Microsoft (again) announced that it is not going to include Bluetooth support into their next version of Windows. Many have seen a very promising new wireless protocal in Bluetooth (with issues admittably). Now with MS's move to drop support for the platform, we all know it doesn't stand a chance. Rotten morals and infernal power, what is it?

Mac OS 9.2

AppleInsider has some news on the upcoming update of the Classic Mac OS, version 9.2. Well, I guess this isn't the last update we're going to see for 9.x.