More on the RAM thing

the register has some more details on Apple's plan to not offer a firmware update that will enable the recently disabled RAM modules again. xlr8yourmac has news about a possible third party fix.
There is also an utility that checks for "bad" RAM, so you know whether you can apply the firmware update without worries.

Nvidia not playing nicely

the register reports that, according to a presentation that leaked onto the web, Nvidia is dissing rival chip maker STMicroelectronics on their Kyro 2 card. The Kyro 2 is a budget priced card featuring some exotic hardware approach, yet decent performance. It's sad to see the world leader in graphics chips pick on the small ones, not even letting them the pride of their own products. Even false data is given out, that's a big nono. I always thought nVidia was a bad name. You know "invidia" (latin) means as much as "envy" or "jealousy". Very fitting indeed. I never liked that Intel or Microsoft approach to competition, booh!

New facts on the universe

Slashdot notes that new data from the Hubble Space Telescope suggests that Einsteins theory about "negative gravity" actually seems to apply. Until now, scientists have sticked to Einsteins own words, that this theory can't be true. Obviously it is anyway.