Rumors and news

xlr8yourmac.com notes that dealers expect the Dual G4/533 (probably the most successful PowerMac of the new line), may soon go "end of life", which means nothing else than a faster successor to the machine coming out on May 1st. Wether it's going to be a Dual 600+ or a Quad 500+ remains to be seen.
The other good news is that nVidia has significantly lowered the price of the GeForce3 card. Aparently the market is fed up with GeForce2 and co, and people aren't buying as many cards as nVidia may have hoped. Do we know that problem from somewhere else, eh??? More on that.

Lawsuits and other crap

Shacknews has various news, among them the lawsuit of some victims parents of the Columbine shooting. They're now suing the game companies and publishers for "not regulating themselves". Parents regulating their kids doesn't seem to count anymore, thus not the ones who allowed the games to be played are blamed, but the ones who made them. Interestingly enough, millions of other people have been playing Doom and co for years and didn't have an urge to shoot their fellow neighbors or students. What's really crazy about this, is the law system, not the games. Also, how about suing the government for failing to develop a working weapon regulation law? Or McDonalds for selling hamburgers with beef meat? Why not start a lawsuit against the parents of the killers, for giving birth to their children? Comon, this is simply ridiculous.

More rumors

the register notes that more and more rumors around a new iBook coming up on May 1st are circulating in the net. It sure makes sense, as the iBook has basically had only very minor changes since its original release, and doesn't sport extremely fast bus and CPU anymore. ZDnet is one of the rumor sources, claiming the new iBook may "resemble the Titanium PowerBook". Sure, why not.