Game news

Shacknews has some first info on the upcoming E3 entertainment show of mid May, listing some games that are supposed to be shown, and notes that the Matrix game is yet another title to come out for the Xbox first. MS sure is pushing their console, in whatever way you may call that.

Interesting stuff

xlr8yourmac ha some spicy news on a 24 CPU G4 system being used for DV compression/decompression, an article on flashing the GeForce 2 MX PC cards for use in a Mac (all you need to know),some MPC 7400 vs 7450 benchmarks and of course some reader feedback on the new iBooks from Apple.
The original GeForce 2 MX flashing article can be found at IMG.

New iBooks out

Apple has released their new titanium style iBooks yesterday. The new units all sport a G3 500 processor and a choice of a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW or DVD/CD-RW combo drive. Looks like a complete, small and lighter little PowerBook, that has already made a lot of friends, according to other reports.
the register has some more notes on the new PowerBook.

Mac OS X 10.0.2

the register says that the new update that came out yesterday actually silently enabled CD burning, along with other improvements. If you have OS X, whih may still be a minority, you might want to download the 15MB update.

More PPC news

the register has some more comments on the nwe PPC roadmap from IBM, discussing their past strategies and the obvious change of mind now. Might be worth the read if you have IBM stock or like reading about PPC chips.