xlr8yourmac has various news on various topics, among them the arrival of a slightly improved/redesigned PowerBook G4 battery and the official release of XLR8's MACh Speed Control software 2.0.2 (the one I was using in my CPU test) Like I noted before, this is the best software for most upgrade cards there are, in my opinion.

XLR8 releases MACh Speed Control 2.0.2

As already noted above XLR8 has released the final version of their completely rewritten MACh Speed Control software for CPU upgrade cards. Not only is it the fastest, but also the most completely CPU upgrade software available today, and it works with other brands too. Here's the official press release:

XLR8 releases MACh Speed Control Panel 2.0.2*

Štotal rewrite prepares for OS X Multiprocessing.

Atlanta, Georgia. May 3, 2001: XLR8, the award winning leader of Macintosh upgrade and expansion products today released the
latest version of its award winning processor control software - MACh Speed Control 2.0.2.  This release works with Mac OS 7.5.5
to 9.1. The new version includes improved layout and usability features, improved "architecturally accurate" graphics,
multiprocessing support, thermal monitoring, accurate memory interleaving displays, and enhanced AltiVec support for G4

 ³ This is the latest version of the most compatible, and therefore the best, software available for controlling PowerPC processors
on the Mac. No other upgrade manufacturer comes close to the overall features of the MACh Speed Control software, but the new
enhanced AltiVec support is the killer. Our implementation of the ³Velocity Engine² or AltiVec support for both single and dual
processors is without equal. This software guarantees you¹ll get the best performance today, and still have the option to use your
MACh Speed G4 ZIF MPe processors to upgrade to multiprocessing tomorrow,² said Jack Kolk, VP and General Manager of XLR8.

For Mac OS X users it should be noted that this version of software does not yet support OS X.  Users wanting OS X support
should use XLR8 MACh Speed Control X software which is also available as a free download from our website at www.xlr8.com.
By using this software, the backside cache on all G3¹s and G4,s in Beige Power Macintosh G3 and later machines will be enabled
at a processor to cache ratio of 2:1 with write through off.  For additional information and compatibility notes for pre-beige G3
machines visit our website.
And here is the direct download link.

Big brother is watching you, yes YOU

CNN reports that the FBI has indeed been monitoring internet traffic repeatedlly since 1999. While they claim that only those people are being checked who are guilty or suspect anyway, non FBI opinions think that it might well also include people like you and me. Hi mister FBI agent, want some weed?


the register proves that you can't buy every judge. THis is my personal conclusion out of their report that Rambus has finally lost a lawsuit against Infineon. Eventually the world seems to turn back into the correct orientation.


IMG has some general news on various games and expansion packs, while MGL has an interview with Bill Heineman.