xlr8yourmac.com has so much new and interesting stuff, it's pointless to list them, just check it out.

Money owns the world (and the judges)

Shacknews has some feedback on the Diablo 2 Expansion set that is out now and also reports (as many others) that Microsoft has won the appeal and won't get split up into two companies after all (as I always predicted). Seems that the second judge still had some space left in the pocket and thus was readily willing to "help Microsoft with their problems". I hope he get's a nice Mansion somewhere in Redmont.
MacObserver provides the link to a comment from the US Attorney General on this dirty mess.

Big rumors around the PPC

the register has some BIG rumors on Apple byuing the PPC architecture from Motorola, future chips and decisions, all very interesting.
The source of the rumor started at MOSR, of course. I suggest you read this one. If it's a hoax, it won't hurt, if it's not, it'll be good to know.

Q3A discontinued, don't panic

MGL reports that Activision has discontinued Quake 3 Arena for the Mac, but that only means that you will no longer be able to buy boxed Mac retail versions (once the current supply has run out). id will continue to more or less support the game for all platforms and there will be updates too. If you don't have it yet and want to get a Mac CD, then it's high time now. Otherwise just get the PC version and download the app from the net.

Game news

IMG now clearly is the best website for Mac gaming news and ressources on the web. Today they prove it again by having a lot of interesting stuff, unlike the competition.