Seventh week's summary

It was a mixed week. We started off training for an inspection by the major, which included military forms, shooting (300m), and theoretical knowledge on various topics ranging from medical assistance to "behavior during chemical attacks" etc. On Wednesday we had a run of 12.5 kilometers (roughly) carrying the rifle on the back, running around Unique Airport Zurich (which is where you go, if you fly to Switzerland in 90% of all cases), as our barracks are right besides that area (which is not a secret). On Thursday the major came to "inspect" the whole company. Because of various reasons, he wasn't happy at all (which in turn made us very unhappy, not because we care about what he says, but because it will have consequences...) Anyway, in the afternoon we also had a platoon inspection and that was far better, according to his reactions. At shooting I sucked for the first time, which pissed me off, but life goes on.
On Friday we changed locations and set up in an underground vault and it felt a bit like "Fallout". Next week we're going to camp outsides in the woods and if the mosquitoes won't kill us, the 15 and 25 kilometer marches certainly will.

Nasty OpenGL

I almost tore my shirt today because all of a sudden all the OpenGL games wouldn't work for me anymore, crashing shortly after startup. After quite a while of tinkering around I found that the SoundManager that comes with QuickTime 5.0.2 doesn't seem to work with Mac OS 8.6, OpenGL 1.2.1 and Voodoo3 (and thus most certainly also Voodoo4 & 5) cards. Replacing it with the QuickTime 4.1.2 SoundManager fixed everything up.
I think I already read that somewhere else quite a while ago when QT 5 was released, but couldn't find the references anymore, so I'll just call this a reminder.


xlr8yourmac The newest horse in the stable seems to be Mac OS 9.2.1. But there are already hundreds of negative reports, some as bad as Macs not starting up anymore, neitherfrom the HD nor the CD...I suggest you wait some more days until Apple reacts to those posts. Some other posts are more rewarding (new hardware tests).

Cheaper Ti-books

Apple is going to cut prices on all Titanium PowerBooks by as much as 500$. Does that mean Apple Expo Paris will offer new models??

New G5 rumors

MOSR and the register both report (the reg's site was down) that Motorola now officially calls the G5 chip "8500" and not 7500, as believed earlier. The initial chips will ship with speeds of 800MHz, according to the two. There are a lot of worries about Motorola's plans with the new chip now and some naysayers are certainly already talking about another doom for Apple. Anyway, I say, we'll see. Have a read and picture it yourself.