New stuff

xlr8yourmac notes that Apple has finally announced their iPod digital music device (more on that below) and has some reader reports on PowerBook G4 667MHz performance, along with other bits.

iPod rumors

the register has some funny rumors on what they thought the iPod might turn out to be, have a look before you head over to see the real thing.
Slashdot also expected a more revolutionary device, more like a mix of PDA, Subnotebook and MP3 player...Well maybe expectations were a bit too high...

iPod facts

Apple probably still is the best source for real information on what they have just released. Looks like a nice little MP3 player. 5GB of capacity, lithium polymer battery with 10hours playtime, FireWire connectivit for fast transfers or use as an external HD, and some seemingly very high quality earbuds. OF course a rather large display are also in with the deal for 399$. Very nice, but not really revolutionary. The FireWire port really is great though.
MacObserver also has the feature on the release,if you don't trust Apple's own information:) And if you don't want information on the product, you might want to hear what the other readers think... I've seen better responses to new products already...

IBM seeing some problems

the register reports that IBM has ran into a lawsuit because their 75GXP series of harddrives (I've been using one of these for a long time now) aparently isn't very reliable and seems to produce a lot of hardware failures, most certainly headcrashes, I assume. Now, I've never had problems with my disk and I sure hope that is going to stay that way, but on the other hand I didn't file the suit either, right?

Rambus showing off new tech

the register aslo has some news from my ever favorite company, Rambus. Aparently they have revealed a new RDRAM standard with octal (8x) data rate and up to 6.4GB/sec bandwidth between RAM and CPU. That sure sounds good, but if you hear that this means an effective clock speed of 3.2GHz, all I can think of is: How the freak are they going to get that stuff cooled?

AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorola) future perspectives

the register has some thoughts on what Apple may be planning to do, as it aparently grows more and more unsatisfied with Motorola's success in PPC development. Of course the G5 seems to be coming along nicely, but there are bugs to be ironed out and aparently Motorola engineers aren't as confident about getting them fixed in time, as they should be. So the future may bring some changes in relationships, once again. Read on for more details.