LanForce report

Here you can check out my (very) short report of the biggest LAN party in Switzerland which took place from Nov. 2-4. Complete with some low quality pics, but hey, I was there:)


xlr8yourmac.com has various news on various topics, as always, really, among them a config for Quake 3 that gives you 50 FPS on a new iBook and some other, more tech related stuff.

Apple news

the register reports that Apple has been sued of foul share play again. Aparently some investors were frustrated that they bought Apple shares at a high price and failed to see ahead for themselves and thus didn't sell them in time, which resulted in some loss of money. Now what does the native US whiner do? Sue the hel out of the company of course. Words used are "false promises" and "fantastic product announcements". I find "ignorant losers", fits best. (If you're not man enough to live with losses, why try to participate in the share market? I could have made 1100% profit if I had bought Apple stock when I thought it would be a good idea. And I would have sold them when they were up at 150$, but I didn't have the guts, so what? Am I sueing them now?)
DetNews notes that Apple aparently lost up to 75 million dollar due to the attack on WTC and the resulting worldwide chaos in plane traffic and security mesures.

Windows XP, the scores

FiringSquad has now also posted their performance review of Windows XP running all the common benchmarking apps there are and comparing it to other operating systems and on both AMD and Intel platforms.

Apple PDA, yes or no?

the register has some new rumors that Apple aparently gave out orders to a Taiwanese notebook and PDA manufacturer to produce 600'000 PDAs for them. As the number 600'000 is a bit more than the staff Apple has in Cuppertino, one must assume that it isn't just a Christmas present for the hard working designers and developers. But then again, no source has actually confirmed that rumor, but many have denied it. So, in the end it might be just that, a rumor.

GameCube with DVD player

Slashdot has some good news for all the people who wanted to buy one of the new consoles PS2, GameCube or Xbox, but hesitated deciding for the GameCube, because it can't play DVDs. Now Panasonic has releaseda device in Japan, that does exactly that: it's a combination of DVD player and GameCube, all in a silvery case and quite compact. The product is a result of further cooperation between Nintendo and Matsushita (mother-company of Panasonic).

Columnists choose OS X

MacCentral has a teaser on their website that they wrote an article about various US columnists chose Mac OS X the winner, after comparing it to Windows XP. Aparently they think now is the time to move over to Mac, more than ever. Too bad I can't tell you more about that article, as it simply refuses to load here, I hope you have more luck. How about switching to Mac web servers too, Maccentral?