xlr8yourmac has various news on various topics, among them an upcoming new release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP test for OS X and some reports and questions concerning iTunes 2 and Epson drivers for OS X.

LAN party concerns

Shacknews has 2 little articles concerning LAN parties. One about the drug consumption at such events (there was quite a bit of that at LanForce, as far as I can tell, certainly more than we used to:) And about a LAN having been busted by an anti-piracy group in Denmark. Not only the pirates but also the origanisators got fined. This of course may raise concerns among those who never bought a single bit of their data on their HDs...(there are some, I know it), also future LANs may simply turn out to no longer support Microsoft Networks (it was disabled at LanForce too, I hear), simply because the only purpose this serves is leeching an pirating anyway. I mean some people actually go to LANs to share movies, partially also in exchange of money (if the movies do have the attributes "porn" to them). So what does this mean for future events? : More work for the organisators and "less fun" for the pirates. Whether it will affect the players remains to be seen.

Video card news

FiringSquad has two reports on graphics cards: One being a review of the Leadtek GeForce 3 WinFast Ti500 (aparently quite the elite model) and the other being an interview with ATi officials, asking them about the recent hassle around the Radeon 8500 board and drivers.

Mhhhh G5 news

the register has a lot of interesting yet unconfirmed news about the development of the G5 processor. Aparently Motorola has been shipping out some samples clocking up to 2.4GHz (!!) and revision 0.6 also has fixed some major bugs now, but some remain to be ironed out still. 1.6GHz seem to be available enough to assume a release in the top-notch model in January.
In another article they claim that an insider source from Adobe fed them with some more info about the development sample machines they received. Aparently the most up to date machines include DDR-SDRAM, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394b and ATA 133 and a 400MHz bus with HyperTransport elements (a bus standard developed by AMD, I think). Also the machines are aparently "much faster than a P4 in every single task". That all sounds like milk and honey, but there's more to come:
MOSR even claims that an alpha version of Virtual PC (5.0 I guess) emulated a 1 GHz P3 on a G5 1.4GHz...This would simply be too nice to be true though. Too much milk and honey gives you stomach pains!

Miglia releases ATA 133 card

MacObserver reports (and I can confirm it, as I also received the press release) that Miglia Tech. has released their Alchemy ATA 133 PCI card which doesn't only support the ATA 133 standard, but also allows the use of drives that have more than 137GB capacity (for example the new 160GB IDE drives). Good news for video editing freaks:)