ClickStick goes public

My latest article finally brings ClickStick to the masses. After falling though the evaluation process over at Logitech, I'm finally free to publicly make this fantastic new mousebutton-technology accessible. Read on to learn how you can modify any mouse to be ten times more responsive for clicks, how you can improve the comfort of your mouse and increase your frags in the latest games..all at no cost.

G5 rumors updated

the register reports that their mole has once again made himself heard and claims that everything is still on schedule for a MWSF release ranging between 1-1.6GHz machines, depending on the yields Motorola can produce. Apart from that only the new name of "Gigawire" has been introduced, due to a trademark reservation made by Apple recently. It's believed that the name will be used for Firewire flavors ranging from 800Mbit to 3.2Gbit with fiber cables.
AppleInsider is also back with a new layout and some very interesting forum posts on all that G5 speculation. A very interesting read indeed.

Intel still in short supply

the register also reports that Intel publicly admitted that it's still having a hard time getting enough Socket 478 Pentium 4 chips out of it's suppliers and that no relief is in sight before Q1 2002. Good news for AMD, I guess.


xlr8yourmac.com has various tips of various levels of interest, always depening on what you own and what you don't. Too much to sum up, so you'll have to check the headlines yourself.

RtCW review

GameSpot has reviewed the PC version of the newest Q3 engine based FPS shooter everyone is going to play over Xmas, although it's not all that religious and peaceful. However, Mac gamers all around the world are waiting for the Mac OS X only title to be released, while our PC rivals are already playing it:) At least you can read how it plays now.
MG has a review of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, for those of you who have too much processing power and time.

Apple not happy with Microsoft's plans

Wired and MacCentral both report that Apple has criticized Microsofts lousy attempt to trick itself out of its consumer class-action lawsuits by donating PCs and software to ALL schools in the US. They noticed the same thing I noticed before: It's just another trick to get more marketshare and dominate the education market completely. You see, Microsoft even manages to get everyone upset, even if they are trying to be nice. Gotta suck to be Microsoft...

RedFaction shipping

IMG reports that the Mac version of RedFaction hass started shipping today. Nice!
In related news they also note that Wipeout 2097 for Mac has also gone Golden Master and will ship in time for Xmas. I know how much I loved that game on the PS1 when I played it with a friend once, I might even buy that title:)

Mac3D coming again?

Mac3D long absent from the news scene has a counter online which is counting backwards...As I'm writing this, there are 42 days left (until 2002). Might that be a teaser?