xlr8yourmac has some news on 7400/7410 chips beating 7450 chips in terms of memory bandwidth by a LOT. Aparently even revision 2.1 does not fix these issues with the 7450 chips completely. As a matter of fact, a tested PowerBook G4 500 (old one) was almost twice as fast as a PowerBook G4 550 with the new CPU, doing some sound tests (where RAM performane is of the essence). Other news include a new x86 emulator for Mac OS X, which seems to be based on an opensource C++ emulator, seems to be dog slow and nothing really recommendable. Read Mike's interview with one of the developers on that topic. It's quite smashing.
And, since I've been absent for such a long time (11 days), there are also plenty of interesting news in the archives.

Radeon 8500, 7000 coming to Mac

the register reports that ATI is likely going to release the Radeon 8500 and 7000 at MWSF early next January. Both cards are rather powerful, but only the 8500 is really something new, as it brings 64MB DDR RAM at 275MHZ and a 250MHz core clock, while the 7000 is more or less the same as our Radeon Mac edition we already know. PCI support has been dropped on the boards, I hear, which is a pity.
In more recent news (from Friday), MacCentral reports that ATI has confirmed the announcement of the two cards, and has some more info on that. Also they're going to release an external USB TV tuner.

The news in games

IMG has all the latest news around Mac Gaming, the most prominent thing being Sacrifice having gone Golden Master, thus shipping soon.