xlr8yourmac has been posting various things, among them a test of dual CPU systems featuring AMD, Intel and Motorola chips (ie both PCs and Macs were tested), but the article evaluating the tests is not very well done, as there are no numbers of the test results at all, kinda fishy. Mike also reports that Apple is making quite a fuss about the upcoming expo. Every day there's a new teaser on the front page of Apple. So far they said: "This one's going to be big, even for our standards", "Count on being blown away" and "Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond". Now that sure raises expectations into the sky.

More on the Apple hype, MWSF leaks

MacNN notes that Adobe aparently leaked out a system requirements page for Adobe GoLive 6, which is going to run in Classic and OS X, will require a G3 or better and 96MB of RAM and will be announced at MWSF (and is most certainly not the only Adobe product they'll unveil.)
Here's what MacObserver thinks is behind all the hype Apple is making themselves for a change. Everyone is looking forward to Jan 7. That's for sure.

Black and White gone Gold

MG reports that Black and White, the already famous god game has finally gone Gold for Mac.


MOSR had some rumors back in 2001 that I haven't covered yet, they think a dodecahedron shaped G5 case would be cool. However even they doubt it's going to be so:) Oh and Mac OS x 10.1.2 has been released a long time ago, but I guess you know that. Otherwise check out this link: MacCentral.

Mark Adams changes name, identity

IMG has an interview with Mark Adams, who, very surprisingly, changed his name into Glenda Marie Adams. Yeah that is a female name, you heard right. I'm really a bit stupefied by this and not sure whether its a bad hoax or really a sad but true story, but it seems that Mark didn't feel comfortable in his male body since he was born and now eventually decided to live on as a woman. Politically incorrect you'd say he's into travesty now, but being a son of a psychotherapist I can tell you that's nothing to make fun of. I have a lot of respect for Mark to be brave enough to have made that decision and hope that it won't affect his business life negatively.

Tip of the week
Welcome to 2002, I'm glad 2001 is over, after all it could have been a better year. First we had the economy low, I had to do the military service, then the terror attacks and the war and then my grandma died on December 25th.
Well, I'm back with a new design, but keeping the old structure and layout, simply because it's proven to be so handy and easy to maintain and edit, it would be a shame to move to a slow, yet pretty design. I still hope I'll be able to implement a search function for the archives one day, but that's stuff for 2002. Have a good time and stay tuned for our January 7 coverage.