xlr8yourmac has some interesting stuff, especially for gamers. Red Faction 1.2 is now available for download, fixes bugs and adds OS X support as well as future FSAA options. (Aparently the Radeon drivers are going to be updated to enable FSAA eventually). Then Mac Quake OS X 1.31 has been released and has reached beta 3 in the mean time, which is faster than earlier builds again, I hear.
Then there are some "predictions" of upcoming hardware specs from spymac.com, wo which I refuse to link directly, because I think they're inventing sources and lying left and right... In fact I'm pretty sure you won't dig their claims either, they're just too absurd.
And last but not least there are some tips on backing up OS X volumes, despite the lack of a backup utility at the moment.

Register readers hate Aqua

the register has started what you could call a survey on how people feel about the Aqua interface. Sadly enough a LOT of people seem to be greatly annoyed by the new UI's lack of speed and intuition, as well as several other drawbacks they found. I can't and won't comment on Aqua as my experience with it is pretty much 0 at the moment, but I find it frightening that so many people dislike Aqua and have already switched back to either Mac OS 9.x or Windows PCs. Both of which are not the best developments for Mac OS X as a young platform.
The register also has another article on the problem, which is not exactly the kind of thing you'd like to hear as a criticism for an UI. And sadly, they have some real points in there, stuff that has to be improved.


the register also wrote up on Apple's anticipation multiplying slogans they've been posting during the past few days, the later 3 being: (roughly) "It's like a backstage pass to the future", "To (boldly) go where no PC has gone before" (they added the boldly during the day) "Full speed ahead: Lust factor 10" and today "Just one more sleepless night". Overall an interesting little view on what's been going on at Apple and the rumor sites during the last week.

A PC user's Monday

Shacknews notes that both Intel and AMD are going to release the latest and greatest chips Monday. Intel will release the P4 2.2GHz (which was already successfully overclocked to 3.0GHz), while AMD will ship the Athlon XP 2000+, which is in fact a 1.67GHz chip. You see Monday isn't MWSF alone:)

MWSF facts, for a change

MacCentral likes to stick to the facts and thus just posts the announcements third party companies are going to make at MWSF. Some of them are rather nice, and surely deserve more attention than they currently receive, simply because they don't overhype their products as much as Apple. (I'm pretty sure Apple IS overhyping and we'll all be let down Monday)

Recent updates

MacCentral also reports that Apple has released a lot of updated printer drivers for Mac OS X. Red Faction got updated to 1.2, StarTrek: Elite Force was updated to 1.2 and Quake3 was updated to 1.31beta 3 for OS X.

Rumors, additions, squashes

MOSR has updated their page with some news on the latest rumors, squashing both the iWalk idea (obviously a fake from spymac.com) and the OS X on x86 (obviously a 10 year old teenager wet dream). But they have a mock up of an iMac (a reader submission, but with interesting aspects to it).
AppleInsider has a lot of interesting stuff in their forums, as well as an IRC channel now, but the site was down when I was editing that newspost.

Xbox customers angry

Slashdot notes that after several defective Xboxes have surfaced in the market, users are getting the forks out of their shacks and running wild, because customer support from Microsoft's contractors seems to be rather horrid. Well, another lesson for MS to learn: Making money alone won't finish the sale, support is more than half of a products life.