Prime reports on Keynote

Online News has been receiving chronological updates during the keynote from my fellow online reporter Ben Lee, aka Prime. He noted some things I missed, so you might want to check that out too.

Keynote notes from the broadcast

125'000 iPods sold since release.
40% new Apple customers in Apple Stores
Stores popular, 800'000 visitors in 26 stores since openings.
State of Maine places largest education order in history. 36'000 iBooks ordered.
"1 down, 49 to go" (states)
OS X lauded a lot.
AfterEffects 5.5 ships for OS X.
GoLive 6.0 OS X native too.
All apps integrated for Mac OS X.
Photoshop for OS X is out. Aparently fast.
Features spell-checking text!
Palm supports Mac OS X now in many languages.
Easy to use aparently.
Final Cut Pro updated and improved to version 3. Real time effects. Color correction and all.
Mathematica 4 for OS X. Fast and powerful, using Quartz. All only on OS X
Aspyr: There's never be going to be a better time to be a Mac gamer.
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's stone.
A lot of new games coming out (we knew that already).
LucasFilm a customer, showing off stuff.
Demonstrates Maya on OS X.
Steve: All Macs will boot into Mac OS X from now on!

Digital Hub Steve talks about where we stand
Camcorder and DVD Player can be dramaticaly improved with a Mac.
Other devices, such as MP3 players require a computer (a Mac) to make sense.
Demonstrates the i-apps (iMovie, iDVD and iTunes)
Over 1'000'000 blank DVD-R disks sold by Apple in a year.
iPod doesn't sync with iTunes, when he demos it, hehehe:)
6 Mio digital cameras sold in the US last year. 30% of all cameras.
iPhoto announced.
Solves the chain of pain (importing digital photo, editing, printing).
Printer plugin for iPhoto, true colors etc etc. ColorSync support.
Save and organize the photos, and share them.
Demonstrates iPhoto, is very happy.
Slideshow mode has Music background support.
iTools support too.
Apple offers printing service for the photos, at a charge of course. In photo quality as we know it.
You can even have a hard bound book of your photos. Design it and Apple will print it for you, all easy. Page layout software completely automatic and integrated into iPhoto.
6 book designs available.
3$ per page. iPhoto itself is free, but requires OS X. Available today.
Digital Hub now complete (where's the Hifi stuff???).
Low end iBook is now 1199$, DVD model is dead, combo model now 1499$.
New model has 14" screen, 600MHz G3, 20GB HD, 256MB RAM, Combo Drive for 1799$.
New iMac:
6 Mio iMacs sold to date.
Designed to be the best digital hub.
15" LCD, no flicker, super picture quality.
Has a G4, all of them, 700 or 800MHz (duh).
Superdrive included, 5$ per DVD blank disk now.
GeForce 2 MX in all iMacs now.
All the other stuff we know.
Design as seen at timecanada.com
Very cool screen adjustment options, very nice!
Small, as high as a jewel case. All the hardware in the base, thus expandability equal to zero.
3 models:
700MHz G4, 128MB, 40GB, CD-RW, 15" LCD, 1299$
700Mhz G4, 256MB, 40GB, Combo Drive, 15" LCD, 1499$
800MHz, 256, 60GB, SuperDrive, 15" LCD, 1799$
Shipping before the end of the month.
Genentech already ordered 1000.
"It is the ultimate digital hub!"
"We want to innovate"
"Everyone gets a Time Magazine when leaving"

What was not announced: iWalk (we knew that), G5 (we guessed that), speedbumped PowerMacs G4 (WTF???? NO SPEEDBUMPS? W.H.A.T. T.H.E. F.U.C.K.?????
Anyway, I guess that means Apple is losing a few thousands Pro users. They had the choice. There's still hope for MW Tokyo, yet I doubt it. MWNY it is then, which is great, cause I'm going to be there, but we'll see if Apple will be there...

Time.com dips the shit, too early

xlr8yourmac among several other sites notes that Time Canada has posted an article spoiling the whole new iMac thing last night. Aparently someone thought posting the article already saved him some work today...but no he will be without work for a while, that's for sure. I guess Steve is eating tranquilizers right now, but still has one aneurism after the other. The new iMac looks fine, yet a bit fragile and very unexpandable, but the design is ok. Looks a little like a bed side lamp.
According to the now removed Time article, all iMacs will ship with G4 chips and will have a price range between 1299$ and 1800$. iPhoto, an easy to use digital photo manipulation app aparently is real too, no more info on that though. Well, this leaves the question open, what is going to be the truly revolutionary product...I guess there will be none, and we'll all be let down.
Since i don't want to get sued myself too, I'll just link to the source of the trouble for your image thirsts: This Image says most Mac Life has some scans of the actualy print version, with some text being readable.

Intel and AMD coming out

Shacknews has some news and links on Intel's and AMD's announcement today (as noted yesterday) and also brings the story about the MacWorld leak.

More Pre-MWSF-hype opinions

Info Week has some words on what they think about Apple's hype. We'll yet see if the hype was only about the iMac, which wouldn't be worth it really, as everyone knew it was coming, or whether there will be more to justify it.

Sites featuring the leak story, a list


Live coverage links (if you find mine lacking)

MacObserver is there and reports live.