New stuff

xlr8yourmac has various updates, among them a new version of Quake2 for OS X (1.02) as well as finally a well working version of Quake 3 for Mac OS X and Classic (1.31beta4) alogn with updates from ATI and other essentials.

ATI R300 details

The Inquirer has some interesting news on ATI's newest baby, the R300 chipset, it's expected to be faster and cheaper than nVidia's GeForce 4 card and will support DirectX 9 on the PC. Take a look at the details now, but don't expect the card anytime soon.

Apple answers Myths

MacCentral notes that Apple has put up a dedicated site to dispell the myths around the Mac and Mac OS. It's aimed at unbelieving PC users of course, but you can take a look at the newest propaganda anyway, of course.

Rumors on PowerMacs

MOSR sums up all the recent speculation and rumors around the next PowerMac revision or generation even. Currently word is that were going to see Apollo G4 machines with 933MHz to 1.33GHz arguably with DDR-SDRAM, Gigawire (faster FireWire), updated Airport antennas and GeForce 3 cards at least on some models. Release within the next 4 to 6 weeks is expected. Dual configurations are likely. But why don't you just read it yourself?

Microsoft's failure to secure their products

Slashdot reports that the ever continuing lack of security in Mcirosoft, pretty much since the first concerns about computer security came up many years ago, might eventually be the biggest problem MS is facing for the future. It seems that more and more people are refusing to use Microsoft's services and other products because they feel concerned about the lack of security and/or privacy the products show.
This does not come as a surprise for me, I always had trouble with Microsoft's "security-we-don't-need-that" mentality. When I eventually found my ICQ messages in the meta content of Word 98 documents, my concerns grew into fear, and I still use MS products as little as possible...How must governments and enterprises feel about that?
If the US secret services aparently abuse "Echelon" for economy spying and other illegal use to boost their position as a country among the others, what does the NSA do with all the backdoors Windows has? And now even Symantec officially stated taht they'd not detect trojans developed by the FBI or other national organisations, as long as they could assume they'd not be abused by others...
We're going to see some major trouble coming up with these developments being generally tolerated still...Nasty stuff, really.