Intel ready with Plan B?

the register reports that Intel, still having trouble with the development of its Itanium chip family, has also a plan B up the sleeve. "Yamhill" is basically an existing x86 chip with added instructions to make it fit for 64bit processing. (thus similar to AMD's approach). Whether Intel will eventually have to make use of the "new-old" architecture, remains to be seen, depending on Itanium's progress.


MOSR has some new rumors around upcoming PowerMacs and graphics cards.

GeForce 4 specs

TigerWoods99 , a guy posting in the AppleInsider forums has been kind enough to summarize the currently known specs of nVidia's upcoming GeForce 4 and GeForce 4 MX chipsets (NV25 and NV17). Those specs are extremely impressive, and the names are also confirmed now, as they're mentioned in nVidia's latest release of their reference "Detonator" drivers for all their cards.

The latest G5 rumors

AppleInsider forums a common place for insiders an would-be rumor mongers has some new details on upcoming hardware.
A guy called Dorsal M, who generally enjoys good fame, has some interesting new details on how the next major PowerMac revision might look like.
In another thread, a guy called Time claims to know faster PowerMacs will be announced tomorrow Monday. Of course take all the forum content with a ton of salt.

Apple comic

DailyProbe has made up some funny pics of "rejected iMac designs". Some funny stuff among those pics

Game news

IMG has news on games, as always. Interesting might be a review of the game "Sacrifice".