More on the MPC 7455 and 7445

Motorola has the press release and other documentations on their latest PowerPC host processors, the 7455 and 7445. The 7455 aparently is the chip used in the new PowerMacs from Jan. 28.
The press release can be found here, the link above is the documentation.

Interesting AppleInsider threads

AI and some of the brilliant and less brilliant minds over there have a lot of interesting facts, speculation and rumors about current and future hardware.
This thread is particularly interesting: everyone tries to predict Apple's next move in the hardware department.
And here here's some interesting discussion about HyperTransport, and whether it's going to be used in future PowerMacs, or not.

ClawHammer details

Hardwaremania has some (obviously translated) article on the ClawHammer architecture. AMD's next major chip generation, also known as K8, or ClawHammer, is going to be their first 64bit capable processor. And it boast some unique and clever solutions for the problems of modern computers. An interesting read.

PowerMac G4 Apollo related

MacCentral has word from Motorola, about the G4 Apollo, its little brother and the future.
Wired has some interesting article on how well-suited Macs (especially the new PowerMacs) are for building small clusters for scientific research. While we usually think Macs were rather expensive, scientists are happy about the great performance already small and cheap clusters achieve. A very interesting read, especially because it covers an area that is rarely thought or talked about.
MacRumors has some links and comments on the hardware in the new PowerMacs. Namely the GeForce 4MX actually being the lond delayed GeForce 3 MX, just renamed, links to the first benchmarks and news on a new education-only PowerMac offer (a 733MHz G4).
MacWelt has the first review and benchmarks of the new 2x 1GHz PowerMac, they most certainly got an unit in advance. Of course the site is German, but the benchmarks are comprehensive, otherwise it's a good idea to learn German or use babelfish as a last resort.
This private homepage has some of the most interesting benchmarks available yet, including Darwin recognizing the chip as a PPC 7450, not 7455 as it should. Very interesting!!!
TomsHardware has some negatively biased comments on Motorola's 1GHz chip. Dear Tom: keep it with the news, leave the rants away, that stuff goes into the editorial.


AtAt has some speculation about the G5 and the future of the G4.

Praise for Apple

Yahoo reckons that Apple "continues to lead in innovation". That sure is a nice statement, while not especially fitting, considering the new PowerMacs actually bring little news into the industry.

Graphics card news

xlr8yourmac has some extremely interesting stuff about comparing the Gigahertz G4 and the GeForce 4 MX to other systems and the GeForce 3 card. It's quite clear that the GeForce 3 is faster than the 4 MX, even on slower systems. A must read for any gamer.
This article has some Q&A with ATI about their new graphics cards and drivers. Also interesting.
BareFeats has a spec-shootout of the latest graphics cards available for the Mac.

PS2 does Linux

Shacknews notes that Sony has now released kits for the PlayStation 2 to support Linux. The kit features a harddisk, keyboard, mouse, linux, Ethernet interface, monitor port etc. Very nice for PS2 owners and Linux enthusiasts.


MOSR has some rumors (that are so obvious, they're not rumors) about upcoming PowerBooks as early as MW Tokyo.