GeForce 4 launch links, various other topics

xlr8yourmac has a nice list of GeForce 4 launch and review related links all over the web. Less work for me is always nice, as you can imagine, the coverage on that event has been huge.
The main page has various reader reports on soft- and hardware.
IMG has an interesting Mac-focused report on the launch.
TomsHardware has an extensive review of both the 4 MX and 4 Titanium cards, comparing them to other cards.

UT 2.4 today

UrbanTerror is going to be updated to beta 2.4 today, or already has been during the last few minutes as I'm writing this. Fans of the popular Q3 mod will want to grab the updater asap.

Motorola: new chip

the register reports that Motorola has a new chip ready. Unfortunately, it's a chip for Palm devices, not Macs. But aparently it's quite a speedy chip for a handheld. 207 MHz of whoop-ass:)

Industry analysis

FiringSquad has an interesting overview over the movements in the industry, during the last years and how the big players can cope with the different problems the are facing.

3Dfx countdown to nirvana

the register also notes that www.3dfx.com will officially go down on February 19. This is most certainly the last stone on the grave of this ill-fated company we all loved.

Apple buys "Nothing Real"

the register also notes that Apple bought a company known by the name "Nothing Real", buying all their software inventions with it. The company was active in 2D image manipulation software development and has several professional products on their charts. Some of them aparently involved with in the production of LotR. The software is likely to live on in iPhoto, FinalCut Pro, or a new professional 2D editing software.
So much for the good news. MacCentral unfortunately reports that Apple and Circuit City, a major electronics reseller, will terminate their business relations after only 1.5 years of cooperation. Circuit City was selling iMacs and iBooks in their stores.

Quicktime 5.1 soon

News.com thinks that Apple is going to unveil QuickTime 5.1 at the upcoming QuickTime Live! event, finally bringing built-in MPEG 4 support to the platform (QuickTime).

Platform 2002 report

FiringSquad has the report on this years Platform Conference where, again, the newest technologies where discussed. Read on to see what's coming up in the industry pipeline.

Game news

MG has news around gaming, among them the shipping of Black&White for Mac (eventually).
IMG, among other things, notes that Bungie.net closes its doors too, leaving the community by releasing their server side software open-source.