Presenting the first 22$ PC to the world

G-News is today proud to present the NHP 500XP to the world: The first Personal Computer for 22$, yet with a feature set that can match and surpass many of today's offerings in the industry. Read on to find out more about this amazing product.

Mac OS X 10.1.3

xlr8yourmac has been posting a lot of interesting and helpful tips and reader reports on the now already several days old Mac OS X update 10.1.3, which is far from unproblematic, as far as it seems. Aparently it breaks quite a few things on older Macs, DVD Playback on B&W machines being the most prominent issue. Make sure to check the recent archives over there.

Radeon 7000 review

IMG has a nice review of the Radeon 7000 PCI graphics card, comparing it to the original Radeon Mac Edition PCI (year 2001). It shows nicely how the older card beats the newer (and cheaper) card at higher resolutions, due to more rendering pipelines.

Xbox 2 rumors

The Inquirer has some rumors about an upcoming Xbox 2 from Microsoft, dropping nVidia as the graphics card supplier, moving to the cheaper ATI competition instead. Interesting and very unconfirmed.

Times are changing part 3

FiringSquad has posted their third installment of their "The Times, Are they a-Changin'" series, this time taking a look at the remaining 3 graphics card manufacturers (developers): Matrox, nVidia and ATI.

iMac 2 review

PC Magazine has posted their consumer oriented review of the iMac 2. They seem to like it and give it 4 out of 5.

New RISC chip ahead

the register reports that Toshiba and MIPS are teaming up for a joint development of a new 64bit RISC chip, codenamed Amethyst. First chips should be ready by Q1 2003. Always nice to see the RISC family bloom.

OpenGL 2

TomsHardware has some interesting things to say about OpenGL 2.0 and what we can expect from this upcoming successor standard to OpenGL 1.x.
Slashdot has more on that.


MOSR has some rumors. Among them upcoming Dual CPU upgrades beyond 500MHz, aparently.

RtCW System Requirements updated

IMG has the updated system requirements for the hopefully soon to be released game Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Not only are the requirements extremely steep, they also seem to be forced beyond reason. I'm thinking more and more this is going to be a so called "outhouse" port. (For this insider joke, refer to the Q3W forums).

MacCentral: crashes Netscape

MacCentral is the only .php based site that I currently know of that repeatedly freezes Netscape 4.7.9. That's bad, their news are usually quite good. Sorry MacCentral, crashing pages are not going to be linked anymore.