For all who haven't seen it yet: The NHP 200NC: our first computer to come without a case. The second model in the NeuHausPlatz computer line weighs only 6.6kg, yet is a fully featured desktop PC. Ideal for LAN parties to leech files off the network. Have a look at this creative new design.

How to host a LAN party

MG has brewed up a rather culinary than technical guide on how to host a LAN party. I've organized a few minor LANs myself and found that there were a few things lacking, but it's still a good start.

New fans introduced

Y.S.Tech brings us a new and admittably very cool looking fan design for desktop computers (for now). Unlike the old idea with a motor turning in the middle, rotating the blades on a central axis, the Tip-Magnetic Driving Fan moves the blades from the outside with 4 small motors in the 4 corners. This aparently increases the effective blade size and efficiency as well as airflow and static pressure to ensure at least 15% better cooling compared to a conventional fan. Even better the design also requires less power and is more quiet in operation. I think I'll be buying one of these for the new Mac sometime this year.


xlr8yourmac has various news of interest. The annoying part is that aparently Apple is still experiencing delays on the release of the GeForce4 Ti for the PowerMacs and is now offering to ship those machines (those already ordered) with a GeForce 4MX instead and then send the 4 Ti later at no cost (actually that's a nice deal). The only problem is that MWNY is also approaching, and those people will most likely be pissed off for getting their by then already old machine so late.
Then there are notes that the ATI Radeon 8500 is now shipping and a driver update is coming shortly. Then there's more on IBM's 120GXP debacle (ie recommended operation time of only 333hours/month).
Interestingly enough, Sonnet also announced a 600MHz G3 and FireWire upgrade card for the first iMacs Rev.A-D at MWTY. This somehow tells me that there have to be some limitations on the G4 chips, most certainly Apple and Motorola not allowing other companies (small upgrader companies namely) to buy chips faster than 500MHz. Of course I might be wrong, I even hope so.

CPU news

the register has some news on AMD's 64bit efforts. Aparently Quad Sledgehammer motherboards should be ready by H1 2003, or June 2003. Clawhammer is still expected for Q4 2002 while Sledgehammer has slipped into 2003.

MacWorld Tokyo reports

MacObserver has several bits from MacWorld Tokyo. The wrap-up includes: New iPod with 10GB HD and equalizer and contact list software (also available for the old 5GB version), Bluetooth USB adapter for all Macs from Apple, New HD Cinema Display 23" TFT with 1920x1200 resolution. And if that wasn't unspectacular enough already: iMacs now cost 100$ more across all 3 models, obviously to dampen request a bit, as Apple once again fails to deliver. Of course the official version is about price increases in RAM and TFT market. I say: "Yeah, whatever you say, Steve". Sometimes I wonder how stupid of a move Apple can manage to make.
MacCentral also has a lot of announcements and comments. Aparently the users don't see the iMacs price rise as a big problem, but then again they probably only asked those who wanted one anyway...
And here is what the executives had to say on the announcements.

GDC 2002 report

FiringSquad has a rundown on the Game Developers Conference 2002 this Spring. Some interesting stuff from Epic and other Game Developers, read on.


MOSR has a few rather cerdible rumors and comments on MWTY. Stuff you wouldn't want to miss, albeit taken with a grain of salt, as usual.
AppleInsider Forums has also produced a few new rumors/reports on upcoming hardware for MWNY or later, with some interesting details from "credible sources". Salt is recommended.

More on the Radeon 8500

IMG has more introductory words for the now shipping Radeon 8500 Mac Edition. Better late than never.
Of course they also report on MWTY.