ATI bundle

ATI: is offering a bundle for Mac users. The set is composed of a Radeon 7000 Mac edition and an XClaim TV USB Edition TV tuner.
In related news, ATI is also offering a trade-in rebate for Radeon 8500 buyers, if they send in their old graphics card (no matter what manufacturer).

Xbox not doing too good

the register reports (among many others) that aparently the Xbox is selling way behind expectations in Europe. Of course,I'm not surprised at those news, the extra 100-200$ pricetag is reason enough to wait or not consider the console at all.

Macs and PCs getting along

MacCentral reports that Apple UK is showing ways how to have PCs and Macs work alongside each others nicely. Aparently a common issue with many people. Apallingly many actually even think Macs and PCs are NOT networkable together. No wonder they'd never consider using the other platform.

SOI alliance

the register also reports that IBM, Toshiba, SCE, and Sony are teaming up with each other to form a SOI (silicon on insulator) alliance to build future fast and power-friendly CPUs for all kinds of applications.


xlr8yourmac has various news on various topics, among them Apple acquiring Zayante, a FireWire hard- and software company, Security updates for OS X, New ATI and nVidia driver releases and many many more.

P4 2.4GHZ out

FS already has the review of this newest and fastest chip that's been out for quite a while now, so you might actually be able to buy it by now.
My updating has been really bad lately, but I've had my reasons. More on that below.

Mac Games news

MacGamer has various interesting and less interesting news on Mac gaming, among them Unreal Tournament 2003 most likely coming to Mac as well.
IMG also has a lot of news that are of interesting to Mac gamers.

General Mac news

MacCentral is one of the best addresses to catch up with lacks of recent information, such as what I am currently experiencing.


MOSR ...has new rumors, who'd have thought so?

Final word
As you probably noticed, the NHP 200NC was a huge success. Case modders, nerds and geek (and what not) all around the world have been ranting and raving over it's design. 2 print magazines asked for interviews (which they were granted), Slashdot linked to the article, as did HardOCP, as well as roughly 40 major and minor message boards and forums. Last but not least AtAT had an editorial on the story.
From the time since the publishing of the article to the end of March (ie. a week ago), I've gotten over 3 MILLION hits on the page, that is about a x1000 increase to normal rates for 3 weeks. I'm dazzled.